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It's Easy To Use

Ever Extra is the easiest way to create, customize, and manage an online employee incentive program.

Using our streamlined interface, you can create your own program in minutes! Every expert study has shown that a happy employee is a productive employee. We've tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get your employee incentive program up and running quickly and efficiently.

It's Powerful & Flexible

In Ever Extra, there are an unlimited amount of ways to challenge your employees. Take a look at these great examples you can use:
Have the highest sales this month
Show appreciation to a co-worker
Get 10 customers to review us online
Increase links to our website

Write an entry for the company blog
Attend a trade show
Submit money saving ideas
Go 180 days without being late to work

You Get All This Neat Stuff!

Employee Challenge Wizard
Our challenge wizard lets you create customized challenges for your employees that are tailored to your business needs. Take a look at these features:
Virtual Suggestion Box
Give your employees an open line of communication by allowing them to post anonymous messages. It's great for complaints, suggestions, and finding out what your employees really think!

Open Point System
The Ever Extra open point system let's you create and keep track of your own reward system.

Employee of The Month System
Ever Extra let's you announce special titles like "Employee of the Month" or "Sales Leader of the Week". Rewards for special titles can be tracked of course, plus the employee is displayed in the news section for all to see!

Online Incentive Shop
We make supplying your employees with incentives easy with our convenient incentive shop.

Employee Benefits Documentation
Ever Extra can be where all of your employees can access their standard benefit information. Listing out benefits like a 401k plan, free parking, casual Friday, will serve as a great reminder and recourse for your employees.

Employee Engagement Surveys
Measure how well Ever Extra is working easily with our standardized engagement survey. Instant reports allow you to get stats at-a-glance.

Employee Performance Reviews
Create printable employee evaluations and keep your HR records in the cloud.

Holidays, Birthdays, & Anniversaries
Never forget an employee's birthday again! Ever Extra keeps you up to date on important events in your company and even helps you organize office parties.

Employee Incentive Tracker
Keeping track of who deserves what and when can be time consuming. Our Employee Incentive Tracker will help mark off who has been rewarded and who earned a reward.

Plus Lot's More!
No really, and we're not just saying that. There are a lot of other little features that are sprinkled around every corner that we hope you'll discover and delight. Don't forget, since Ever Extra is web-based, you'll always have the latest and greatest updates.

Sound good?

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