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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ever Extra?
Ever Extra is an online employee engagement program designed with flexibility to meet your company's needs. Ever Extra allows you to create, customize, and track an employee incentive program to reward and motivate your employees.

How do I reward my employees?
Unlike other programs, we don't restrict your options with a limited fulfillment solution. However, for your convenience, all Ever Extra accounts have access to our online shop with a fine selection of rewards that your employees will love! Plus, there are a countless number of intangible and no cost incentive that can be used with Ever Extra. These include things like thank you notes, time off, public praise and many more!

My employees don't work on commission. Will Ever Extra work for my business?
Yes! Ever Extra can make any business more productive and more efficient. Sales related challenges are popular, but there is an infinite amount of ways to challenge your employees.

What type of support do you offer?
We currently offer e-mail support to all users. Our support queue is prioritized to address the needs of users with Pro accounts. We do not offer phone support at this time.

Does Ever Extra support companies outside of the United States?
Unfortunately, Ever Extra was designed with U.S. companies in mind. For example, all monetary tracking is in U.S. Dollars. However, all are welcome to sign-up for a free account to determine if Ever Extra will suit your needs.

Employee Engagement

Does Ever Extra work?
You betcha it does. Every workplace needs something to keep things interesting. After the years go by, almost all employees fall into a bit of a rut. By continuously engaging and challenging your employees you can increase their interest in their job, reinforce positive behavior, and retain that talent longer.

But why does Ever Extra work?
It's simple really... since the dawn of time there have two things that motivate people; a promise of reward or a threat of punishment. Since all employees always live with the threat of layoffs, downsizing, termination, or early retirement, that half of the equation is generally covered. Ever Extra works because it allows you to magnify the reward side of the equation and that leads to positive motivation.

How does Ever Extra increase productivity?
There are two main ways Ever Extra helps to motivate your workers and managers. The first is by giving incentives to reward positive behavior. Generally, when you want your employees to go above and beyond, you should go above and beyond for them. Incentives create an atmosphere of loyalty and reciprocity. Second, is by instilling a sense of competition. By allowing employees to compete for rewards, it will challenge them to do their best.

Technical Issues

I sent one of my employees an e-mail (invitation, recognition note, etc.) and they never got it. Why?
Sometimes e-mail can get trapped in a spam filter. All of your employees should add to their address books and white lists to prevent messages from being blocked.

It won't let me vote for who I want to vote for! What's going on?
Voting can be a little tricky. There are two common reason reasons why a vote may not be working:
1) The person you are voting for must have an Extra Ever account. It will not work if you enter William Shakespeare for example. Make sure to select the name you want from the autocomplete dropdown list that appears.
2) The person you are voting for is not eligible for the challenge. If you are selecting their name from the dropdown list but it is still not working, chances are the challenge is only available to certain individuals. Try choosing someone else.


How will my payments show up on my credit card?
On your credit card statement the payment name will be "CLKBANK*COM".

Can I cancel any time?
Yes, Ever Extra is pay-as-you go. You can cancel at anytime and you will not be billed again.

What is your refund and return policy?
Since we offer a free demo to make sure you like it before you buy it, but we do not offer refunds for services rendered. However, if you come across any issues, let us know and we'll try our hardest to make it right.

Do you offer a discount to non-profits?
We sure do! If you are a valid 501(c)3 non-profit and/or charity organization please contact us and tell us a bit about your organization.

Features & Usage

Can I reward an employee without making them do a challenge?
Yes, go to Manage Employees > Reward and you can track a reward without creating a challenge.

What are the different account roles?
The three different types of accounts in Ever Extra are Employees, Managers, and Account Administrators. Once you sign up for an account you are an Account Administrator, but you can change user roles at any time by going to My Account > Manage Employees. Here is how they work: Keep in mind manager and employee are just labels. If you want all of your employees to be able to challenge each other, you can simply give them all manager access to the site.

Is Ever Extra mobile friendly?
A mobile version of the site is in the works so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, your employees can interact with Ever Extra via e-mail on mobile devices.

What does Beta mean?
Our application is still relatively new. There are still a few kinks in the system we are working hard to iron out. Also, there are a countless amount of improvements and additions we have planned. Therefore, our application is in a public beta mode.

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