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Promoting Employees With Ever Extra

Let’s take a look at two employee promotion scenarios.

In the first scenario the employee is told, “You will have a yearly review.  If you do well on your review we will give you a promotion.”

In the second scenario the employee is told, “We would like to challenge you to make 200 sales this year.  If you make 200 sales we will promote you to sales manager.  Please track your progress on everextra.com.”

So there you have it.  It sounds obvious when it’s spelled out like that, yet, the majority of companies still use a formal, yearly, fairly useless “review” process.
Let’s break down the benefits of using Ever Extra for this type of challenge and promotion.

Tracking Progress Throughout The Year
Every marathon Starts with a single step just like every waterfall starts with a single drop of water.  Deep isn’t it?

Every time that employee ticks up his sales and tracks it in Ever Extra they will see themselves inching up towards goal.  It acts as a physical reminder of progress.

Web-Access to the Information
In scenario one, the accounting department knows the sales numbers.  Or, someone has a spreadsheet with sales numbers on it somewhere.  There are most likely several barriers to the access to the information.

In scenario two, all information is centrally located online at everextra.com.  Both the employee and the managers have instant access to the progress of the challenge.

Expectations are Managed
A clearly defined goal and reward can work wonders.  Often, employees will say they are unsure exactly what is expected of them in order to get ahead.  Who can blame them when goals and rewards are not clearly defined?

Self-reliance is Emphasized
When objectives are nebulous, and promotions are based on an overall perception of performance, a failure to receive a raise or a promotion will fall on the company or the manager.  “They just forgot about all the times I did this.”  and “He just doesn’t see how that is connected to the other thing.”

However, when a challenge is clearly defined, a failure to meet that goal is less likely to be projected onto an external influence.  Thoughts turn into thing like, “I know what it takes now, if I try harder I can do it next year.”  Now I’ll admit that is a bit optimistic, but the bottom line is, the focus will shift to the challenge itself, which is where it should be.  This is especially true when the outcomes are not positive.

Putting it All Together
The big takeaway is this, use Ever Extra when promoting employees.  You’ll be glad you did.


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