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How to Improve Employee Engagement

There are several band-aids and quick fixes out there to improve employee engagement. However, the best way to increase employee engagement in your company is to start a robust employee incentive program, like Ever Extra. Traditionally, employee engagement programs are very costly and very complex.  They involve logistics, fulfillment, and several other big headaches. That’s [...]

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An Introduction to Employee Engagement

Ever Extra was built on a theory.  That theory can be summarized like this: “Employees must be continuously challenged, continuously engaged, and continuously rewarded to maximize efficiency and productivity.” Some have speculated that employee engagement is having employees being self-motivated and willing to give 110% without acknowledgement or incentive.  While that is nice for white [...]

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A Successful Website Launch!

Our website is now live and we are open for business.  Plus, the big news is… we already got our first customer!  How exciting!  We have big plans for the future and are glad you are along for the ride. Our closed beta test was a big hit and we got a lot of valuable [...]

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