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Feature Spotlight: Online Incentive Shop

In this feature spotlight we will be discussing the Ever Extra incentive shop and how to get the most out of it.

How To Use It
Account Administrators and Managers can access the store by going here: Log-in > Purchase Incentives

Why It Exists
Our online incentive shop is what makes us different than our competitors.  Why?  Because it is completely optional.  We simply provide it for your convenience.  All of our competitors will lock you into some sort of reward fulfillment plan, but Ever Extra is different. Ever Extra is a completely open system where there can a non-tangible reward, or no reward at all. Maybe the reward is just a hearty pat on the back. You can use our online incentive shop, or maybe head over to eBay.  Since physical rewards will most likely be the most expensive part of your employee appreciate program, we take a free market approach and leave it totally up to you.

Pro Tip
All links to products and vendors do not open in a new window.  We like to leave that up to our users. Windows users can right or middle click to open a new window or tab.

Best Practices
Try to purchase rewards before using them in challenges.  Nobody likes to wait a long time to get a prize.

Shop around, while our incentive shop covers a lot of ground, there are a lot great vendors out there with great deals!


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