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Feature Spotlight: Office Party Planner

In this feature spotlight we will be discussing the Ever Extra Office Party Planner 3000!  OK, there is no “3000″ but it sounds snappy doesn’t it?

How To Use It
All employees can access the Office Party Planner as a top level element.  Users can view upcoming parties as well as organize new ones by going here:  Log-in > Party

When an office party is created an e-mail invitation will go out to all employees  (who have notifications enabled).  When a party is canceled,  an e-mail will go out to all employees who RSVPed to the party (and who have notifications turned on).

Why It Exists
It is important for your employees to interact on a social level from time to time.  Studies have shown that when employees have social bonds (like friendships) employee turnover is reduced.

Often when an office party is thrown, “there is a sign-up sheet in the kitchen”.  Unfortunately, having a system like that isn’t very efficient for the following reasons:

  • Some employees don’t use the kitchen
  • Some employees use the kitchen but won’t see it
  • It can’t be accessed from home
  • It can’t be accessed from the employee’s desk
  • There is no desktop reminder, like an e-mail in an inbox
  • Etc.

Pro Tip
Use the Notes option to provide people with driving directions, party themes, suggestions on what to bring, or other special instructions.

Best Practices
Try to give people enough notice in advance of the party.  Be sure they have enough time to RSVP and take care of any party preparations.


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