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How Employee Incentives Lead to Employee Engagement

Once you implement Ever Extra into your workplace there are some positive side effects that may not be initially apparent.
Ever Extra was designed to handle incentives both big and small.  Small or micro-incentives can end up having a big impact.  Even to the point of changing an entire corporate culture.  One of the reasons why Ever Extra is such a valuable tool is because who did what and who received what and when can be hard to keep track of.

When you have a large, continuous flow of employee challenges and rewards something interesting happens to the big picture.  Namely, interaction increases, communication increases, and a dialog opens.

Plus, the ability to re-enforce positive behavior shouldn’t be underestimated.  If a boss tells an employee,  “please keep your office clean”, the employee will most likely say, “sure, will do”.  Maybe the employee will forget the request, ignore the request, do a mediocre job, or do it for a while then slip into old habits.  Offer a $10 iTunes gift card to the employee with the cleanest office at the end of the month, and it attitudes start to change.  Jokes fly around about the paperclip left behind the door, a symbol of appreciation in transferred, a chance to say “good job” can be sincerely issued, and everybody is happy they are on a solid team.  Now, have a few hundred challenge > reward opportunities running simultaneously, and you will have a well oiled corporate machine.

Every challenge, no matter how big or small, is an opportunity for communication, competition, emotion, incentive, interaction, and ultimately engagement.


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