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Feature Spotlight: Employee Recognition Notes

In this feature spotlight, we’ll be covering Ever Extra’s recognition notes feature.
We’ll cover best practices and throw in some useful tips.

How To Use It
Only users who have “manager” access or “administrator” access can use this feature.
If you have that access, log-in to your account and go to Company Profile > Manage Employees > Thank.

Why It Exists
There are many ways to send a note of recognition to an employee.  You can send an e-mail, a text messages, a hand written letter, or even just a pat on the back.  Ever Extra’s recognition notes are delivered via e-mail, but there are some additional benefits.  Not only do Ever Extra’s recognition notes come with inspirational examples on what to write, but when notes are sent, the company news section is updated, displaying information on a note being sent.  When all employees can see an atmosphere of appreciation, everyone benefits a little bit.

Pro Tip
Once you have selected an employee to send a note of recognition to, a large list of suggestions shows up. What you may not have noticed is every time you go to recognize an employee, the list of suggestions is randomized. Who knows, you may never see the same suggestions twice!

Best Practices
Be careful, our recognition program really is “forbidden fruit”.  Although, there are lots of randomly generated messages to choose from, we don’t recommend you use them verbatim. Even though your employee may not know the message was auto-generated, and even though you may sincerely mean every word, it holds more meaning if you personalize it to the specific employee.

The suggestions are simply there just to help inspire you.  It’s alright to use a line here or there, that’s what they are there for. However, don’t abuse it and let us write the whole note for you, tempting as it may be.  Like everything else in Ever Extra, it’s just a tool.  How well and how effectively you use that tool is in your hands.


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