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Feature Spotlight: Employee Title Assignments

In this feature spotlight we will be discussing the employee title assignments feature.
Employee titles are typically things like “Employee of the Month” or “Sales Leader of The Week”.

How To Use It
To assign a title to an employee, managers and account administrators can go to:  Log-in > Manage Employees > Assign

Why It Exists
Having an employee of the month program, or assigning titles in general, can be a great way to recognize employees. Ever Extra provides an easy way to manage and publicize your employee of the month program. When a title is assigned, an e-mail message is sent to all employees (who have notifications enabled) and the title is posted on the company news section for the length of the title assignment.

Pro Tip
You can use title assignments in conjunction with custom challenges.  Simply create a custom challenge and use the title as the challenge reward.

Best Practices
It is a good idea to use a middle ground time-frame for titles.  Some type of “Employee of the Day” title is probably too short while some type of “Employee of the Year” is probably too long.
Consider sticking to some type of “Employee of the Week” or “Employee of the Month” titles.


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