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Feature Spotlight: Employee Engagement Surveys

In this feature spotlight we’ll be discussing Ever Extra’s survey feature.  We’ll include a little bit of a background of the feature and how to get the most out of it.

How To Use It
Those with “manager” access or “administrator” access can end and start new surveys by logging in to their accounts and going to Log-in > Company Profile > Edit > Engagement Survey
Those with “manager” access or “administrator” access can view the survey results by logging in to their accounts and going to Log-in > Survey
Those with “employee” access can take the survey by logging in to their account and going to Log-in > Survey.  (When there is no survey running this option will not be available.)

Pro Tip
When you go to view the survey results, you will be able to see the average response across all employees from all companies.  We call this the “Ever Extra Average”.
We hope this will help you baseline the value of the question being asked.
However, at the time of this writing, we are still in beta and Ever Extra is fairly new.  So while we are collecting averages now, they will not be displayed until the sample size is large enough.

Why It Exists
It is important to measure the success of your engagement program from time to time.  How else will you know Ever Extra is working?

Best Practices
1) Have employees take the survey right in the beginning and then again after using Ever Extra for a while.
2) Create a challenge and reward for taking the survey!
3) Keep sample sizes in mind.  If you have a small company and a small number of results, take it “for what it is”.
4) Discuss the results with your employees.  If it comes out favorable, go around back patting.  If it comes out unfavorable, use Ever Extra more!


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