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Feature Spotlight: Employee Challenge Wizard

In this feature spotlight we will be covering the Ever Extra employee challenge wizard and why it is important and useful.

How To Use It
Account administrators and managers can create a new custom challenge by clicking on the top level Create Challenge button after logging in. The step-by-step wizard will walk you through several options for your employees.  You will begin by defining a goal and a reward.  After that, you can specify the type of challenge, who may participate, and several other options. Once you launch your challenge, all eligible individuals can view and interact with it on the My Challenges tab.

Why It Exists
The Employee Challenge Wizard is the core of Ever Extra.  It is a very powerful tool that can make your employee’s more goal orientated. Custom employee challenges allows business owners and managers to create a wide variety of challenges, then manage, track, and archive them. For example, the random winner option lets you create a challenge where, “the top 5 sales people have a chance to win the reward”.  The team option allows you to create a challenge with separate teams, to foster competition.  The voting option allows you to create subjective challenges like “vote for the employee who you think is the nicest to customers”.  There way are too many possibilities to list here.  In fact, with all the challenge options available, there are literally hundreds of combinations of challenges to choose from!

Pro Tip
Every time you begin to create a challenge, it is automatically saved as a draft.  So no mater where you are in the challenge wizard, you can always come back to it later.

Best Practices
Create several challenges… as many as you can.  Even if there is a small reward or no physical reward, challenging your employees keeps them motivated, interested, and driven.

Create a variety of challenges.  You want to avoid the same top salesperson being the only one who ever wins anything.

Start small.  It’s ok to start with “a lovey box of tea if you can get a customer to smile”.  To avoid conflicts and misunderstandings, practice using small challenges to get all the kinks out.


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