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Feature Spotlight: Direct Employee Rewards

Ever Extra allows you to keep track of employee rewards without using challenges, if you prefer.
In this feature spotlight we will be covering the Ever Extra direct employee rewards system.

How To Use It
To reward an employee directly without a corresponding challenge, managers and account administrators can go to: Log-in > My Account > Manage Employees > Reward

Why It Exists
There are many occasions where employee challenges can not be preplanned. For example, an employee may heroically rescue a co-worker from a burning building, or maybe just heroically rescue a client’s account that took an unexpected turn for the worse.

You can’t create employee challenges like, “Rescue someone from a fire if there is ever a fire.”  However, you can use Ever Extra to recognize employees for performance when dealing with the unexpected.

Similar to when awards are given as the result of winning a challenge, an announcement is made on the company news page, the distribution of the reward can be tracked by management, and the employee will have a lasting record of the achievement in the Past Wins section.

Best Practices
Although direct rewards are necessary in some cases, keeping employees goal orientated will often have a greater impact than “afterthought” rewards.  The get the most out of Ever Extra, try to reward employees though a challenge instead of directly whenever possible.


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