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An Introduction to Employee Engagement

Ever Extra was built on a theory.  That theory can be summarized like this:
“Employees must be continuously challenged, continuously engaged, and continuously rewarded to maximize efficiency and productivity.”

Some have speculated that employee engagement is having employees being self-motivated and willing to give 110% without acknowledgement or incentive.  While that is nice for white papers and presentations, we take a more pragmatic approach. 99% of time, a worker is there working because they have an  incentive from a  paycheck.  The employer gets labor, the employee earns a living, everyone wins, and the world goes ’round.

It’s a system that works quite well, so we built Ever Extra to expand it.  Why?  Because a paycheck only shows up once a week.  What about the the other 39 hours in a work week when the glow of that check has worn off?

Enter Ever Extra. A system for micro-incentives in the work place.  Sold an extra unit?  Here’s a candy bar.  Came up with an idea to save us thousands?  Here’s a new wristwatch.  Made a customer so happy they ran out to tell all their friends?  Take this gift card as a sign of our appreciation.

When you foster an atmosphere of positive reinforcement, you will start to see positive results.  Work becomes fun, challenging, rewarding, and your employees will wake up everyday happy they work for such a great company.

There is probably some value to all the fancy employee engagement lingo out there.  You’ve probably heard of things like, “strategic enhancements for cultural engagement and leadership realignment”.  While there may be some value to all that, we think giving a candy bar to workers who stay 5 minutes late will have a bigger impact.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for Ever Extra and transform your workforce!


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